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Jacksonville Largest Employers

Jacksonville Largest Employers | Finding Local Job Openings

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Employers doing business outside of Jacksonville, FL will likely incorporate available positions in all locations.

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Jacksonville Government
City of Jacksonville, FL Government Jobs

Jacksonville Largest Employers (more information, bottom of page ↓)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
+ Profile
Publix Distribution Center
+ Profile
Winn-Dixie Stores
+ Profile
Baptist Health
+ Profile
Citigroup, Inc. (Citi Cards)
+ Profile
Mayo Clinic
+ Profile
+ Profile
Bank Of America
+ Profile
St. Vincent's Medical Center
+ Profile
Shands Jacksonville Medical Center
+ Profile

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"The largest city in the state, Jacksonville, FL is also the largest deepwater port in the South (as well as the second-largest port on the U.S. East coast) and a leading port in the U.S. for automobile imports, as well as the leading transportation and distribution hub in the state. However, the strength of the city's economy lies in its broad diversification. 

According to Forbes in 2007, Jacksonville, Florida ranked 3rd in the top ten U.S. cities to relocate to find a job. Jacksonville was also the 10th fastest growing city in the U.S."

-- Jacksonville, Florida. (2011, January 9). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 01:09, January 10, 2011, from,_Florida&oldid=406949520

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