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Virginia Beach Largest Employers

Virginia Beach Largest Employers | Finding Local Job Openings

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Virginia Beach Government
  --  City of Virginia Beach, VA Government Jobs

Virginia Beach Largest Employers (more information below ↓)
  --  Virginia Beach Public Schools 
  --  Amerigroup Corporation
  --  Stihl, Inc.
  --  GEICO Direct
  --  Manpower, Inc.
  --  Gold Key Resorts
  --  Specialty Foods Group, Inc.
  --  Sentara Healthcare (located in Norfolk)
  --  Norfolk Naval Shipyards (located in Portsmouth)
  --  Norfolk City Public Schools (located in Norfolk)
  --  Dominion Enterprises - Trader Publishing Co. (located in Norfolk)

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↓  "Virginia Beach is best known for its tourism but the military and agribusiness sectors contribute to the City's economy. The City's economy also contains a large retail component. Major companies headquartered in Virginia Beach include Lillian Vernon and Stihl (North American headquarters). Other major employers include GEICO, Amerigroup, and Navy Exchange Service Command...

Virginia Beach is home to several United States Military bases. These include the United States Navy's NAS Oceana and FTC Dam Neck, and the United States Army's Fort Story located at Cape Henry. Additionally, NAB Little Creek is located mostly within the city of Virginia Beach but carries a Norfolk address."

-- Virginia Beach. (2010, June 19). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia . Retrieved 16:08, June 22, 2010, from

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